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A few random work samples...

UPS in Motion

This interactive experience follows a package around the world using UPS products and services. Produced at XPLANE. LEARN MORE

Green Shipping

Animated movie that introduces the services provided by Greenshipping.com. LEARN MORE

Coaching 101

This interactive online course was designed and developed for The Cheesecake Factory. LEARN MORE

NW Service Excellence

This online course for Kaiser Permanente helps employees learn the proper way to interact with each other, with customers and with patients. LEARN MORE


Animated movie for Kaiser Permanente. LEARN MORE

Visual Maps & Guides

Visual maps and guides. LEARN MORE.

Dress the Worker

Online training for the electrical industry. LEARN MORE

Learning Games

Games and workshop design. LEARN MORE.

Stovetop Brewing

An interactive module about making beer. LEARN MORE

One Watt

Interactive online course for Philips Lighting. LEARN MORE

Intuit Sustainability

Interactive online course for Intuit. LEARN MORE

Healthcare 101

Sales training for HD Supply Healthcare Solutions. LEARN MORE

Words of advice...

…from my vacated LinkedIN account.

"Magda is one of the few people that understands all elements of creative concept development from inception to project completion. Her abilities include all levels of the creative process --from hands on design work to superior management skills that get the best results possible." - Rosemary Danon, (client)

"Magda is one of the most inspired, driven, creative people I know. During her tenure at XPLANE she was a strong force for design excellence -- not only was she a great designer in her own right, she invested a lot of time and energy rallying and developing her peers, by finding and sharing examples of great work from the field and leading internal training initiatives." - Dave Gray, Founder and Chairman, XPLANE (colleague)

"Magda is amazing! She can take complicated business and design challenges and solve them with her unique mix of of creativity, experience, technical skill and whimsy. While at XPLANE, I was fortunate to collaborate with Magda and witness her talents firsthand. She combined a deft client touch with an incredible sense of "what will actually work." Invariably, she'd hit the bulls-eye every time. I can't wait to work with her again." - Matthew Homann, Consultant, XPlane (colleague)

"Magda was an amazing person to work for. She is highly creative and a very gracious mentor. I learned so much from working with her. She is an all around, hands on creative director. She can design, write copy and program. As I have moved along in my career and worked with other creative directors I have realized how much I love working with people like her and how good I had it. She is fun, very practical and willing to roll up her sleeves and dig in." - Jody Belliveau, Associate Producer & Interactive Copywriter, Ascent Media (colleague)

"Sometimes I wonder what Magda doesn't know about visual presentations. Nonetheless, she's never satisfied to sit back and rely on what she's already learned. With an endless fascination of the psychology and technology of conveying information using visuals, Magda is constantly learning new software, reading the latest blogs and related books to expand her already-exceptional skills that range from storyboarding to video, animation and online interactivity. Any forward-thinking organization would be lucky to work with Magda." - Joe Shoulak, Senior Illustrator, XPLANE (colleague)

Freaking out the internet since the '90s

Some of my other sites and social meanderings (There’s more, trust me):


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Interactive scriptwriting samples.

Stovetop Brews

Sometimes I make crazy concoctions.


A collection of a few random sketch projects, and links to my other sketchy sites.


LA Coffee Crawl

They sell coffee here?

Tamale Safari

Seriously, Southern California is the best place in the world to eat tamales.

Wear Spanish

...because it takes too long to learn it.